Wi-Fi Radio Units on Chips now

Intel is always a place for innovation and research models in digital and communication sector. Their ideas always result in energy efficient products creating a mark of theirs in the techno world. It is time to make technology do the business; Intel has now managed to put Wi-Fi radio units and convert them to chips.

Chip is called Rosepoint, though in a research stage now, you can expect this feature to be adding in few years of time. It is no exaggeration that this is a great break-through in the research department of Intel where the scientists worked for years! They have been successful in putting a digital 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio on a chip, which is a latest innovation apart from the low-power Atom Central Processing Units. (CPUs)

This step makes a revolutionary entry of Intel into Radio Frequency chip designing companies’ competition. An analyst reviewed that this would help in devices like mobile phones especially. In his words, “Ultimately it would reduce the chip count on the cell phone, which would reduce the cost and the complexity of manufacturing of the phone and improve battery life.”

Such developments are much needed to the industry now and good job Intel!


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