Gorilla Glass 2 - Even more safe displays on your phones

Gorilla Glass 2 Is Tougher And 20% Thinner

The tough, yet beautiful Gorilla glass is coming up with an upgraded version! Corning has announced the successor of its Gorilla glass, the Gorilla Glass 2 officially; thanks to the extensive support Gorilla’s first edition which was received well in the market. The damage resistant glass is coming into the tech world from the CES show this week.

Gorilla Glass 2 - Even more safe displays on your phones
Gorilla Glass 2 - Even more safe displays on your phones

This glass enables up to 20% reduction in thickness maintaining the damage resistant property, toughness and crack resistant nature; still giving brighter images and great touch sensitivity. Manufacturers have a lot to gain from this too as the superior design flexibility enables them to design exciting products based on the customers demand.

According to Nick Parker, vice president, Worldwide OEM Marketing of Microsoft:

We’re very excited about the introduction of Corning’s thin, high-performing Gorilla Glass 2. As Windows continues to bring new experiences to customers on new devices, we look to Corning to bring innovative, durable glass solutions that enable brighter images and greater touch sensitivity.

From the official sources, Microsoft is going to use this technology very soon to its products especially for the new Windows PC’s; Microsoft will the first company to use the new generation Gorilla glass and the all new systems will be out in the early part of this year itself. I am waiting!

A number of devices will be unveiled in the coming few months by the most successful industry in this segment. Started in 2007, the company never looked back again delivering the best quality and is now used by more than 30 major brand with company sales reaching $700 million in 2011.

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