ARM Cortex A15 Chip

ARM’s Upcoming Maya & Artemis 64-Bit Processors For Mobile and Wearables

I would fall short of words if I were to talk about ARM’s innovations in the mobile and tablet computing field. ARM is to Mobile, what Intel is to Desktop computers. Known for designing cutting edge and power efficient processors for mobile phones and mobile computers, ARM is getting into its second installment of 64-bit processors with the Maya and the Artemis designs.

The way ARM works is it generally designs the processor architectures and then licenses out these designs to processor manufacturers such as AMD, MediaTek (which recently launched an 8-Core processor for mobile devices), Qualcomm and Samsung. If you are using an iPhone 5S, then you might be pleased to know that the processor in it is based on ARM’s 1st generation 64-bit architecture which is otherwise known as the ARM-v8A architecture.

The new Maya and Artemis chips are also based on the ARM-v8A architecture with more advanced features. The new chips will possibly replace ARM’s current lines of Cortex-A57 and A53 processors. ARM’s CEO Siman Segars also hinted at the possibility of the new chips to have applications in newer technology and devices such as wearables, automobiles and even networking equipment. Via

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