11.6 inch Galaxy Tab - Samsung's answer to iPad 3

Samsung’s Answer To iPad 3 Revealed – A New 11.6 Inch Tablet

Is Samsung trying to release a gadget to face iPad3? Rumours are in full flow that this is true! Samsung is planning to release a new 11.6-inch tablet with retina display-shaming resolution. This is going to feature Android 4.0 and most likely to be in show at the Mobile World Congress next February.

11.6 inch Galaxy Tab - Samsung's answer to iPad 3
Shown above is the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab

This is slightly bigger than current Samsung galaxy tab which is 10.1-inch model. There is also rumour for 16:10 aspect ratio which is definitely a worry for the retina display iPad3.

2.0 GHz Exynos 5250 processor might be on board for this model to power the large screen and higher pixel-density. If this is used, the pixel density would be 260, very much greater than any other current device in market, which would be on par with standard of 30-inch LCD’s.

Samsung should carefully decide on the launch date of this model as it might cost itself too much in the wake of just creating a competition. Exynos chip production should also be in full flow for a successful release.

Hope Apple and Samsung create a healthier competition!

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