NVIDEA Demos Quad-Core Kal-El Processor For Mobile Device

With mobile devices with dual core processors hitting the market this year, we are already seeing some unbelievably powerful mobile devices. Today, NVIDEA has upped the ante and has published a demo of its next processor for mobile devices – a quad-core processor code-named Kal-El.

NVIDEA has published a video of a new game called Glowball running in an Android Honeycomb tablet powered by a pre-production unit of Kal-El. What is so impressive about the demo is that the game is actually using dynamic lighting and fully simulated cloth motion. Unlike the pre-canned animations we see in mobile games now, Glow Ball renders its graphics real-time and Kal-El is powerful enough to handle it and give a buttery smooth graphics. Check out the video we have embedded below to see what happens when they turned off two of Kal-El’s cores to see how much powerful Kal-El is than a dual core processor.

NVIDEA did this demo with a pre-production processor and they mentioned that the production units will be 25-30 percent faster than the one demoed. And, of, if you are interested in the game, NVIDE plans to release it after they release the Kal-El processor.

If you cannot see the embedded video click here.

[via Engadget]

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