Motion Control Coming Soon On iPad, Goodbye Greasy Fingerprints!

Apple always has been a hallmark for inventing new, unique and amazing products. And guess what’s next in the stores for you??  From now on, you need not worry about cleaning your iPad anymore! The Xbox 360 Kinect kind of motion controller is now going to be incorporated in the iPad.

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad
Steve Jobs unveils the iPad

And this feature is going to be unveiled at the mega event ‘CES 2011’. So, now use your iPad even when your hands are wet or while doing any other work!! You can use larger movements, be up till feet away from the laptop and still manage to change the track or increase the volume. The kinect uses a natural user interface and used gestures and spoken commands. But, in iPad the system appears even simpler.

Kinect was aimed at broadening the Xbox 360’s audience beyond its typical gamer base. I feel it might be possible on similar lines that this touchless feature would serve those who want sparkling tablets and augment the iPad consumers. There are allegations that this new feature is actually developed by Norwegian Company Elliptic Labs and not Apple. But, who cares it is an awesome concept 🙂

via Metro News, image via Guardian

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