Kinect As A Helicopter Radar [Video]

Kinect hackers have never looked back ever since Microsoft showed a green signal to Kinect Hacking. Everyday we get to see some amazing Kinect hacks. A couple of days back we told you about a Kinect based multi-touch like control without touching the surface. Now the Kinect is being used a 3D Radar atop a helicopter. We have a video.

Kinect atop a Quadrocopter
Kinect atop a Quadrocopter

In the video below you can see that a Kinect has been mounted atop a quadrocopter and is being used as a 3D radar. This radar in turn is facilitating the bot’s autonomous maneuvering around a predetermined track. Not only this, with the help of Kinect, the Quadrocopter is even able to handle all obstacles that come in it’s way. Click here if you cannot see the embedded video below.

via Engadget

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