Cyborg On Show At CES 2011

Each of us enjoyed terminator movies and wondered if its ever possible in remote future. Well you dont have to wait long. Cyberdyne, a Japanese Robotic company is going to exhibit its Hybrid Assistive Limb exoskeleton, better known as HAL at CES 2011.Robot Suit HAL” is a cyborg-type robot that can expand and improve physical capability. It has a capacity of boost a person’s by 2x to 10x.

When a person attempts to move, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the muscles via motoneuron, moving the musculoskeletal system as a consequence. At this moment, very weak biosignals can be detected on the surface of the skin. “HAL” catches these signals through a sensor attached on the skin of the wearer.  Based on the signals obtained, the power unit is controlled to move the joint unitedly with the wearer’s muscle movement, enabling to support the wearer’s daily activities. ‘.

Cyborg at CES 2011
Cyborg at CES 2011

“HAL” is the world’s first cyborg-type robot controlled by this unique Hybrid System. The best feature of the suit is that the weight is not imposed on user and the weight is supported by the suit itself and bearer doesn’t feel “weighed down”. “HAL” is expected to be applied in various fields such as rehabilitation support and physical training support in medical field, ADL support for disabled people, heavy labour support at factories, and rescue support at disaster sites, as well as in the entertainment field.

Japan has the highest percentage of median age population in world , thats why the implication of this cyborg suits are many and is readily going to be assimilated by the tech savvy Japanese.The approximate continuous working time is 2 hr 40 min and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rental fees of the lower limbs version(legs only) is ($1,688 – $1,808)/pm.So we can say the age of Cyborgs  has finally begun.

via Examiner, Image Courtesy Cyberdyne

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