Google Chrome OS Notebook [Pictures, Specs & Video]

Google showed off it’s cloud based operating system – The Chrome OS and we must say this one has got something to it. Chrome OS has a plethora of amazing features which explore cloud computing to the core. Additionally, Google also announced a Chrome OS Notebook. However, the first batch Chrome OS netbooks will go on sale not any before mid-2011.

Chrome OS Notebook
Chrome OS Notebook

The first batch of the Chrome OS Notebooks will be manufactured by Acer and Samsung.

  • The devices will be powered by Intel chips, most probably Intel Atom.
  • At present the test notebooks are black (as shown in the pictures) and have no branding like no logos and no stickers.
  • The notebooks feature a 12.1 inch screen,
  • Full-sized keyboard and touch pad
  • Built-In integrated 3G and Wi-Fi.
  • Eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time.
  • Chrome OS is designed to work across a wide range of screen sizes and form factors.

Here a few pictures of the Chrome OS Notebook:

And here is a video demonstration of the Chrome OS Notebook:

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