BlackBerry Playbook running Android

BlackBerry Playbook May Eventually Turn Into An Android Tablet

One of the possibly best computing gadgets from Blackberry, the Blackberry PlayBook which was released amidst high expectations got a lukewarm response initially; but after the slashing of prices, it is now a hot cake in the market. A couple of days back we had showed you how the upcoming BlackBerry X OS is capable of running Android Apps.

A new rooting application made by few developers Dingleberry; is set to release by next week providing some cool features which were not there before. Changes in the use of playbook’s LED during use are one of the major transformation; along with the backlight brightness.

BlackBerry Playbook running Android
BlackBerry Playbook running Android

The most interesting part is to run a full version of Android on the Playbook. The root helps them download the Android apps and install them in Beta 2.0 version.

With the root access available, it would be interesting to watch how the other competitors develop this further. It would be also exciting to watch what steps RIM will take to preserve their reputation of security.

And this might be a heavy rush into the Android store suddenly if all the Playbook users download apps and convert them into Playbook apps. Though it will be a problem running few apps, nevertheless it is definitely affecting!

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