Glossy White Nokia Lumia 800 To Be Out Soon

That blue tinge of Lumia 800 is still fresh in our minds and news is out that the ‘glossy white’ variant of the model would be out very soon. A Swiss retailer has admitted that it will be available by mid-February and the stock will definitely also be ready. Nokia has already released a limited edition Dark Knight Lumia 800.

There was an e-mail exchanged between a customer and this retailer which leaked out the rumour and created some news. While in other case, responding to a similar enquiry, Swisscom, the largest carrier in Switzerland mentioned that they can stock only cyan and black handsets.

Glossy white is a favourite variant to many of you including myself and I am really waiting if this news is official or nor. However, with the enormous response to the existing variants of Lumia 800, it would be interesting to watch if Nokia will be interested in going for a new colour and satisfy some colour-specific aspirants.

Will keep updating you regarding the status though; and when it is official from Nokia, many of you reading this will rush to place your orders I presume. For people in a dilemma to choose a colour variant from existing ones and about to choose even if you not so convinced, I suggest you to wait for some time. The price of the White Lumia 800 will be same as the regular Lumia 800 handsets.

Listed below are the White editions of other popular phones:


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