Google Glass with 2GB RAM Pictures

Hardware & Software Upgrades For Google Glass – 2GB RAM, Large Battery

Just Before the Google I/O 2014 Conference, Google has announced significant amount of Updates / upgrades to the current line of Google Glass wearable device. The Glass currently has 1GB RAM and sells for US $1500 to select lucky customers only.

The new upgraded Google Glass will have the following hardware changes:

  • 2GB RAM Upgrade from the existing 1GB RAM which means the Glass can now handle more and better, rather more capable applications.
  • A Larger battery as compared to the battery on the current line of Google Glasses

Software Updates for Google Glass

  • Voice-activated view finder to aid you in taking pictures in a much better way
  • Better Google Now cards with Car Parking Information
  • Firmware updates to increase performance and battery life

Consumers who have ordered Glass in the recent few weeks, should be ready to expect their Glass packages with these new added features and upgrades.

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