Google Goggles Specs, Pictures

Google Glasses Details Out

The Google’s Android based digital glasses is all set to strike the market to offer the best viewing experience to the users, nearly offering a iPhone 4S resolution interface. However, we do not know still if this is realistic and safe to use.

Google Goggles Specs, Pictures
Google Goggles

Sources revealed that these glasses will use a pair of micro LCD displays with a combined resolution of 960*540 pixels having two small angled surfaces for large screen floating experience. There will also be processor, GPS and motion sensors, microphone and audio outputs.

These glasses can be worn temporarily giving a smartphone use when used. The front-facing camera promises to deliver great performance by tracking hand and arm gestures, translating them to Android-based environment.

As already mentioned, we do not know if these glasses will result in some eye-strain problems and using such gadgets in public will obviously make people around us think something different about us. Google is planning to ship it to market sometime during June this year and the price could be in the range of $250-$600 (approx. Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 27,000 in Indian Currency) which is a more on the lines of smartphones. Well, do you prefer the ‘glasses’ over ‘handset’? Do let us know…


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