Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Fitness Tracker For US $199

Adidas will soon launch a fitness tracker next month (August 2014) in the currently nascent sector of health and fitness wearables where no big players are there apart from Nike’s Fuelband, Jawbone and the Fitbit. This device from Adidas by the name of miCoach Fit Smart Fitness TrackerĀ  and has one unique feature that none of the above products from Nike and FitBit have – that is personal coaching!

The miCoach Fit Smart tracker pairs with Android Phone or an iPhone using the miCoach App and after that the fitness tracker can sync all your health and workout related data with the app and provide training goals for you. You can also check your progress using the app.

The parameters that can be measured using this tracker are heart rate, distance traveled, stride rate, and estimated calories burned. Priced at US $199 this might be a good buy for those users who want a light-weight activity tracker and do not want to wear it all the time on their wrists unlike devices such as fitbit.

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