Sony Microvault Thumb Drive

Sony Unveils Micro Vault Thumbdrives – USB 3.0, 120MBps Transfer Speed

Sony has come up with superfast flash memory drives with USB 3.0 technology which now makes transferring files very fast. Sony Micro Vault MACH it is called, and is the first family of flash memory drives from Sony with USB 3.0 technology.

Sony Microvault Thumb Drive
Sony Microvault Thumb Drive

Ideal customers for this gadget are business users who need convenience and fast data transfers and Sony promises to deliver you that facility at almost a rate 120 MB/s (Read) and 90 MB/s (Write). It offers capacities ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB and of course, gives you the freedom of uploading absolutely anything in a shorter span of time.

Positive aspect of this drive is the compatibility with USB 2.0 technology and can be used with already existing PCs which do not support Super Speed USB 3.0. It comes out in a solid aluminium body and also a LED indicator to confirm the transfer of data when the device is in use. Take it guys! The flash drive gives you a standard five-year warranty. Where can you get this?

There are few additional benefits you get from Sony; downloadable software for the device include File rescue, which enables to recover any important data lost by mistake and another one, x-Pict Story, which allows to create an automatic photo presentation using files stored in the flash drive. Amazing I must say.

This will be available from January 2012 and I am rushing now to get one.


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