Noke is a Padlock That Locks & Unlocks Using your Mobile Phone

Before you had even realised, we are already living in a fully digital world where the mobile phone has taken over our lives so much that we use to do almost everything which is a part of our daily lives – from using it as an alarm clock to a personal workout assistant and what not. Mobile phones have also given car GPS companies a hard time with their sales owing to Google’s free maps application.

Anyways this post is about a new padlock which is in the making and is called the Noke. When you look at it for the first time it will look just like any other padlock out there. However, on a closer look you will realise that the lock does not have a physical key or a keyhole, you will need your mobile phone in order to open the lock.


The Noke padlock pairs with your Android or iOS phone via bluetooth and the lock can be controlled using the mobile app. What is more interesting about the lock is that you can easily allow anyone else to open the lock without even meeting the person. Just use the phone to provide access to the lock for your friend or an acquaintance. I can easily see that these kind of locks can prove to be of great utility for people who rent out houses on Airbnb and stay at a remote location.


Currently the Noke is available for sale on Kickstarter at US $59 per lock which is $30 less than the actual retail price of the device. This is going to be a successful project for sure as it has already amassed more than 95% of its pledged funds with 30 more days still remaining.

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