Family Plans Shared Data Comparison – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

Family plans are an easy way of adding new lines to your existing mobile phone subscription without the added costs and hassles of getting a new line altogether for one of your family members. Also, thanks to the mobile data plans from various service providers, you and other members on your family plan get to enjoy high-speed internet at minimal costs.

In this article we will takeĀ  a look at the pricing schemes and data bandwidth provided by USA’s top four mobile service carriers, viz. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

Price AT&T Verizon Sprint T-Mobile
$20 300MB 600MB
$25 1GB 2GB
$40 2GB 1GB 4GB 3GB (Line 2)
$50 1GB
$60 3GB
$70 4GB 4GB 8GB 5GB
$80 6GB 6GB 12GB Unlimited
$100 10GB 10GB 20GB
$130 15GB 16GB 32GB
$150 20GB 20GB 40GB


T-Mobile has off-late come up with great promotional offers such as if you move from your existing carrier to T-Mobile, then the company will pay off all your contract break charges and will also give you a new device. Apart from this, all the data that you use for streaming music on Spotify or Pandora will not count towards your total data usage which is definitely great as this saves a great amount of bandwidth and you not have to pay for it either!

From a personal experience I would prefer AT&T over T-Mobile owing to the coverage. I have seen that AT&T has better network coverage including 4G on the highways / interstates as compared to T-Mobile. However, it might also be possible that on the days I did my tests the network was not acting good.

Please not that this post has data that was valid during the time of writing. The data above might have been changed in due course of time. If you notice any change or discrepancy, feel free to contact us or report it to us.

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