Quadracopter - UPS Air Drone

UPS planning to launch Amazon Like Air Delivery Drones

Recently Amazon made open to the world its plans about trying out small un-manned air drones to deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes of placing an order and those customers who are in a close proximity of Amazon’s fulfilment centres are eligible for this.They call it Amazon Prime Air.

Amazon Prime Air - Unmanned Drone Delivery
Amazon Prime Air – Unmanned Drone Delivery

Although this could take more than 3 – 4 years from now to actually get materialized for reasons of safety and FAA approvals but still it would give an all new dimension to package delivery. But what fascinated me more is the fact that this kind of innovation is coming from an e-commerce company and not a parcel delivery or a mail service, but not until today when we came across UPS’s plans to do something similar.

Quadracopter - UPS Air Drone
Quadracopter – UPS Air Drone

UPS happens to be world’s largest parcel delivery service and we have now come across the company’s plans to use un-manned air drones or small helicopter to move parcels across. As of now they are not looking to actually deliver the parcels using the drones directly to consumers but only to move the parcels from a large sorting facility to another one which is a sub-facility and might be more remote. This will eventually speed up delivery on a larger scale.

via, image courtesy – www.dvice.com/2013-12-3/ups-also-considering-future-filled-delivery-drones

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