xoom commercial

Motorola Xoom’s Super Bowl Commercial Is Clearly A Take On Apple’s 1984 Machintosh Ad

xoom commercial

Yesterday we finally saw the ad for Motorola’s Honeycomb tablet – Xoom. The ad shows a young man with a Xoom tablet buying flower for a girl, with a horde of mindless, white hoodies wearing and white ear phones using people around him. Motorola is obviously referring to the Apple users with the white hoodies wearing people, after all they did refer to the iPad as a big iPhone earlier as well.

However, I think the main message of the commercial might be lost to those who have not seen Apple famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial. Back then Apple was the underdog and in their famous commercial, IMB was represented as the Big Brother who is brainwashing everybody – and Apple as the one destroying them and freeing the people.

It is interesting to see how much things has changed in 28 years. Now Apple is represented as the entity they took down in their 1984 commercial.

So, what do you think about the commercial?

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