lenovo's patent for Google Glass like Device

Lenovo Applies For Google Glass Like Device Patent With Nose Bone Mic

Lenovo has applied for a US Patent to what may seem like a Google Glass competitor. After Google launched this new segment of wearable devices, it seems that many companies are trying to get into this space. We have already told you about Samsung’s plans of a similar device.

Now, its the turn of Chinese computer manufacturing major Lenovo. In the patent filed, the device bears the following characteristics:

  • Headset design with dual screens
  • Has touch-based navigation on screens
  • Use of Nose Bone Conducting Microphones (placed just above your nose bone) rather than the conventional noise-cancelling microphones that is used on the Google Glass

All these features clearly point to the fact that Lenovo might soon launch something that is similar to the Google Glass. What baffles me is the choice Noise Conducting microphones as this would result in better catching of your voice and you can speak very softly and still have all your voice received by the device.

Samsung has already been in the news for its cheaper $500 Glass alternative. Google Glass costs US $1500 which is very expensive. We might expect a cheaper alternative from Lenovo as well very soon!

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