Microsoft Offers Surface Pro 3 For $279 Over MacBook Air Trade-In

Microsoft has launched a new campaign in order to increase its sales of the newly launched Surface Pro 3 tablet. The company is so confident of the device that it claims it can replace your old laptops and so they have started a unique trade-in scheme which will let you own the all new Surface Pro 3 for just US $279.

The actual retail price of Surface Pro 3 is US $929 (cheapest edition with the keyboard attachment). So, how the $650 discount works out? Well, not actually a discount, you can avail this offer only if you trade-in your old MacBook Air which must be in full working condition and it should not have any water damage or cracked screen.

Macbook Air
Macbook Air

Macbook Air pricing starts from US $899 after the recent price cuts that were announced by Apple. If you are some one who has been looking to make a switch to a new tablet / laptop device and are wanting to try out new option then, you could probably give the Surface Pro 3 a shot!

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