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AMD Tablets Powered By Windows 8 Coming Soon Later This Year

It is now graphics card developers having a market cold war! A strong competition from NVidia in the form of ARM based PCs resulted in a huge step from AMD. This giant graphic provider has decided to expand towards mobile segment in the form of Windows 8 tablets, the next awaited model.

AMD Logo
AMD Logo

An official source claims that the chip design will be taken care by Hondo for the year 2012 while Temash will be replacing in 2013. Also, the chips will now be called APU (Accelerated Processing units) as it integrates CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). However, with Intel also joining the party, AMD is planning to move cards faster.

According to the CEO of AMD, “We’ve got to see the opportunity in the market and execute on it. We have to build trust, change the architecture, and capture where the puck is going and we have a huge opportunity in front of us.”

Looks like AMD will be playing a major chunk of role in Windows 8 market but cost will definitely play its part in this highly competitive market. Well, with newer companies adding to the list of gadget developers, it is a feast for tech world but firms on the same page, watch out guys.

Source Pocket-Lint, Via Cnet

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