Facebook Keyboard - Right side view

S.N.A.K – A Keyboard With Dedicated Facebook Keys

Remember the G-Board? A computer keyboard with dedicated GMail keys. Well, here is S.N.A.K – Social Networks Access Keyboard. S.N.A.K is a computer keyboard with 19 dedicated keys for performing various operations such as status updates, posting comments and liking posts on the social networking website, Facebook.


Facebook Keyboard - Right side view

Facebook Keyboard - Right side view

All the keys are touch based which makes it easy for you to touch them and not actually press them in order to perform an action on Facebook. This keyboard is clearly for the Facebook junkies out there. You have to install a custom software in order to get the Keyboard working with Facebook. The keyboard is smart enough to disable it’s Facebook keys when you are logged out of Facebook!

You can get this S.N.A.K keyboard from e-bay for US$ 29.99 (Rs. 1350 Indian approx.). Link

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2 thoughts on “S.N.A.K – A Keyboard With Dedicated Facebook Keys”

  1. Keys you just have to touch, rather than press? Yeah, I had always thought that depressing a key 2mm was my major irritation with Facebook……

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