G-Board: A Dedicated Keyboard Add-On For GMail Users

Are you GMail addict or a GMail super user? Are you having a tough time with all the GMail shortcuts? Okay, here we have a solution for you. G-Board is a dedicated keyboard add-on that connects to your computer’s USB port and has 19 colorful keys that link to 19 different GMail functions.

GBoard - Dedicated GMail Keyboard
GBoard - Dedicated GMail Keyboard

Using GBoard is simple. You can connect it to your computer via a USB port. Then you got to enable keyboard shortcuts from GMail Settings and Voila, you are done! The device costs USD 20 approximately and is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. You can find out more information about getting started with GBoard here and here.

G-Board costs US $ 19.99 plus taxes. You can order your’s from here

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