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More Details About XBOX 720 Emerge – Touch Screen Controller

Gamers crazy of X-Box have some great news here. Nintendo has previously announced about a console which was full of joysticks and buttons. Sony has also improved very much particularly in the Play Station developments. Microsoft is also adding newer benefits to its next version of gaming gadget, the X-Box 720.

Other XBOX 720 related news which we have already reported earlier:

The successor of the well acclaimed X-Box 360 will feature a HD screen with 360 buttons and sticks surrounding it. This addition is a USP for the product which makes it a multi-purpose gadget helping in controlling menus and functions and also acts as a virtual TV remote during video streaming.

Remember the Xbox 360 which had no HDMI output or Wi-Fi connectivity? Its successor is bringing you to have a living hub experience from accessing social networking sites to watching live TV without even picking up your remote. It is a big step, a big transformation and Microsoft is capable of doing such.

This gadget is very much on the lines of PS2 to PS3 conversion by Sony and with such additional features; Microsoft might fix the retail price of this device for more than $500 (Rs.25, 000). Will you be one of them who will go for it? Or will you prefer another model?


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