A scene from the movie

XBOX 720 (Next Version Of XBOX 360) To Have “Avatar Movie” Like Graphics

If you have watched the movie Avatar, then you must have been impressed with its awesome next generation graphics and the entire cinematography. Would it not be good if you could get the same experience on your games too? Well all this might actually turn into reality if what AMD claims is believed to be true.

A scene from the movie "Avatar"
A scene from the movie "Avatar"

Computer processor and graphics unit manufacturer AMD claims that the next version of XBOX 360 – “The XBOX 720” will be one of the most powerful gaming consoles over and will be capable of rendering the same level of graphical detail as seen in the movie Avatar. Although, that kind of technology is not yet available on Personal Computers but AMD says that the XBOX 720 will be launched with this technology.

XBOX 360 Gaming Consoles
XBOX 360 Gaming Consoles

If you are thinking about the XBOX and the AMD connect then AMD is the company which had supplied the graphics hardware for Xbox 360. However, it is not very sure if AMD is indeed working on the XBOX 720.

Here is what Neal Robinson, the Director of ISV at AMD has to say about the upcoming XBOX 720 and it’s capabilities:

The Artificial Intelligence and physics capabilities of the next-gen hardware will allow for every pedestrian in a game such as Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row to have a totally individual mentality.

This means that when you shoot a gun or run someone over they don’t all just do the same thing.  There will be no more mob mentality, where everyone just screams and runs away; every NPC will actually be an individual character.

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