gamevice ipad mini - controls

Wikipad Gamevice Controller Turns iPad Mini Into a Gaming Device

Do you see the image below? Well thats the game controller that we are talking about. The GameVice from Wikipad attaches on two ends of your iPad Mini and turns it into a portable gaming console.

As you can see in the pictures, the device has all your standard controls that can be found on a regular joystic or a game controller like the ones that come with XBox or Playstation. A device like this could mean that you can totally replace your Playstation Portable and just just around about with the Gamevice and your iPad Mini.

gamevice ipad mini gaming controller
gamevice ipad mini gaming controller

The makers of the Gamevice controller, WikiPad have already tasted success with their Android Gaming controller. They also claim that the device will perfectly function with almost all games that are available on the Apple Store.

There is no word currently regarding the pricing of the device and also the launch dates. We will update you as soon as we come across something.


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