3 Awesome Features of Amazon Fire Phone – Puts Other Phones To Shame

Amazon has finally launched their much awaited smartphone – the Fire Phone with various innovative features. The phone runs on Android, not Google’s Android but the Android Open Source Project powered Fire OS 3.5. Manufacturers boast of many USPs (unique selling points) when they launch new devices and so is Amazon with the Fire Phone.

Here are 3 really amazing and useful features that have the potential of really setting the bar higher altogether for smartphone manufacturers:

Dynamic Perspective lets you access various menus, shortcuts, and useful information on the Amazon Fire Phone with tilt, swivel, and peek. It also autoscrolls without even using hands or push. Watch this video below:

Using FireFly you can simply scan any product that you can imagine of be it in your household or outside in a store, Amazon will bring succinct information about the product right at your finger tips – its the mother of all scanners out there!

Lastly MayDay which is a built-in video based customer service center where you can get help with using your Fire Phone remotely using video right inside the Phone. You can see the support agent on video but they will not be able to see you, which takes care of all of your privacy concerns!

Take a look at these Hands On Pictures and Videos that we have collected from all around the Internet.

Videos of Amazon Fire Phone Hands On

Pictures of Amazon Fire Phone Hands on






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