XBOX 360 Union Jack England Edition

Microsoft Launches XBOX 360 “Union Jack” Edition For London Olympics & Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Microsoft has launched a special edition of the XBOX 360 gaming console, that has been emblazoned (or rather paint – printed) with the national flag of England (United Kingdom) – the Union Jack. We call it the XBOX 360 “Union Jack” Edition. Not only the main gaming console, but also the Kinect and the XBOX 360 Controller – both have been painted with the Union Jack flag theme.

XBOX 360 Union Jack England Edition
XBOX 360 Union Jack England Edition

Microsoft has launched this special XBOX 360 Union Jack edition, just prior to the London Olympics 2012 and her highness, the Queen’s diamond jubilee. This is a special celebration pack and will be up for sale for a limited time period.

The entire package consisting of the XBOX 360 Union Jack gaming console (4GB Version), one wireless controller, a kinect motion sensor and two games (Kinect Adventure and Kinect Sports) comes at a special bundle price of £249.99 (which is approx. Rs. 21,290 in Indian Currency or 405 US Dollars)

Apart from these you also get access to XBOX Live Gold content for three months at free of cost. This is a great collectors edition item not only for people in the UK but for all users worldwide.


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