Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note Sales Hit 2 Million

I do not know if you have liked the ‘Samsung Galaxy Note’ but there is some interesting news about this 5.3 inch gadget. Company has reported that the sales of this device have touched 2 million units and the maker is expecting the number to reach 10 million by the end of 2012! It is a huge target given the competition from other models.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

It falls in the middle of a normal tablet and a phone but is portable though; never forget the trouble you face keeping your mobile in a tight fit jeans! As I mentioned earlier, LG Optimus Vu is a similar model with a size of 5 inches which was releases just before MWC 2012 will give a stiff competition.

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Regarding the target of Samsung, I am keeping my fingers crossed mainly because of the size; just imagine holding a 5.3 inch device in your hand and talking! Of course, it has excellent features and is liked by many.

As the numbers suggest, let the time decide and surely, others models will come for a stiff challenge with the smartphone giant.


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