Samsung PNF8500 plasma tv picture

Samsung Ends Plasma TV Production – Nov 2014 Last!

All good technology rule our lives for years and then we have to bid them goodbye to make way for better and more advanced technologies in our life. This just reminds me of how good old CD and Cassette players have been totally replaced by MP3 players and Apple’s music devices like the iPod.

Another such device that has touch many of our lives is the Plasma TV which was the introduction of the first flat screen and thin TVs in the market. I still remember when Plasma TVs were launched, it would one of the top items in many wishlists and years later LED and LCD TVs replaced it.

The Samsung PNF8500 will be the last Samsung Plasma TV to have been made ever! Panasonic had already discontinued manufacture of Plasma TVs last year even though it had showcased a 152-inch huge Plasma TV earlier that year in CES. Samsung will continue its manufacturing of plasma materials but end the plasma panel production.


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