Did Nokia’s MeeGo Tablet Make An Appearance In TRON: Legacy?

With everyone buzzing about tablets, can Nokia be left far behind? Apparently, Nokia is also planning their very own MeeGo tablet. According to many, Nokia put their unnamed tablet in the movie TRON: Legacy.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the said tablet.

If this thing is indeed what it is said to be, this will not be the first time that Nokia has put one of their unreleased devices unannounced in a movie. Their phone Nokia 5800 was first seen in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight.

And considering the fact the Nokia consistently used trailers of TRON: Legacy to show off the video playing capability of their recently released N8, it just might be possible that the movie is returning the favor now.

Yesterday a picture of Nokia’s tablet was leaked. Is this the same tablet? It looks different to me. They share the same type of benzel but the one in the movie looks larger. Maybe it is because the pictures are not clear or maybe they are different tablets.

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