The Verizon LG Android 2.2 Froyo Update Is Up!

FroyoVerizon along with LG have released the official Android 2.2 Froyo firmware update(LG VS740ZVD). The size of this update is 52.3 MB and can be downloaded and installed in just 10-15 minutes via Over the Air(OTA) update. I guess this Google’s Android 2.2 OS seems to slowly enter into handsets around the world. There are numerous enhancements and improvements up in this update:


  • Improved Password Security and Security options like remote device wipe. Device lock and password complexity.
  • The previous Socialite now makes way for LG Social Application.
  • Instant Data re-connection after a long voice call.
  • An easier access to recently used applications by long-pressing of home key.
  • Enhanced browser performance (faster loading of Java Script Pages), screen rotation (270 degrees) and Bluetooth voice dialing ( increased accuracy by repetition of your verbal instructions)
  • And access the latest Amazon MP3, Facebook and Thinkfree Office Applications.

Being OTA update you will receive a notification saying a system update is available. And, folks just tap in “Install Now” and after reboot the installation will begin!

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