Gone Are Smart Phones, It’s The “Smart TV” Era Now!

Smart TV

We will now have a magic remote for a TV. LG at a press conference on Wednesday at the CES launched the new smart TV interface! Its features include Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, MLB TV, twitter and the Google TV kinna internet based search besides some LG’s own applications. And, you need not worry if you don’t wanna buy a new smart TV – becoz LG even delivered a Smart TV upgrader which brings smart TV features to any TV with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

Smart TV Upgrader

Wait guys it isn’t over yet! LG also introduced some smart appliances with WiFi Functions – This includes a 4-door Refrigerator, TFT LCD Washer, single wall oven and even a Robo Cleaner. These devices could be monitored with smartphone.

So, now smart access every home activity you wanna do!…LG’s making incredible efforts for making ‘Life Good’ I wonder 😉

With excerpts from Mashable

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