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Foxconn Chief Compares His Employees With Animals

The CEO of one of the gadget making giants, Foxconn, has made some kind of “uncomfortable” (I should say) comments on his own employees according to a source. Terry Gou, the chief has come into light following a presentation at Taipei Zoo.

Foxconn Factory
Foxconn Factory

In his very own words, he said “Foxconn has a workforce of over one million worldwide and as human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache.” The comments were a reply for the superintendent Chin’s talk on feeding and taking care of his charges. It conveyed the meaning in a way that Gou has appointed Chin to help Foxconn executives learn how to manage large organisations.

We do not know if he really intended to showcase such feeling; but the outcome would be quite dangerous too. Employees must be kind enough though not to sue him somewhere; Gou must be thinking of the same now I guess.

It is really important to manage such issues within the organisation given the reputation company has in the tech world. But, isn’t it a blunder that CEO of top notch company slipped his mouth in a public gathering? Terrible must say though such things go on happening in many places.

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