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Bluetooth 4.1 – Five New Features You Must Know

Of all the supportive wireless technologies on a Mobile Phone such as Wi-Fi, NFC & Bluetooth, the one that made it first and from the initial days is Bluetooth. No wonder, Bluetooth has come a long way both in terms of advancement and device compatibility. Nowadays you can see bluetooth everywhere, be it he iPad, your laptop, keyboards, mice, tablets and what not.

Bluetooth 4.1 Logo
Bluetooth 4.1 Logo

In this article we will talk about the 5 hottest features of next-generation and all new Bluetooth 4.1. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has made its plans public about what we might be able to see in Bluetooth 4.1. So, if you are a developer or a general tech-enthusiast, this article may be of your interest.

Bluetooth 4.1 Co-existence

This new feature allows Bluetooth and LTE radios to communicate with each other smoothly thereby decreasing the possibilities of near-band interference. This ensures you can have LTE and bluetooth both turned on and not expect any performance degrades.

Better connections

You might be aware that Bluetooth does not have a great range for connected devices and the moment you go out of range it takes some time before the two-paired devices can get connected again automatically. Bluetooth 4.1 aims to reduce this reconnection time by a good amount.

Improved data transfer

This is about making data transfer more efficient among paired bluetooth devices and thereby ensuring lesser dropped packets.

Peripherals and hubs

This one is for the developers out there. Bluetooth 4.1 would allow for paired devices to act as both peripherals and hubs at the same time.

Bluetooth 4.0 and IPV6

Bluetooth 4.0 would also have a new standard for using IPV6 allowing the possibility of interfacing to the internet-connected devices of the future!

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