Apple WWDC 2012 Buy Tickets, Watch Online

Apple Announces WWDC 2012 – June 11th to June 15th

If you are an Apple developer or a company who is planning to make its business available on the Apple Mac OS and iOS platforms then WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) is something which you or your employees should not miss.

Apple WWDC 2012 Buy Tickets, Watch Online
Apple WWDC 2012

WWDC 2012 has just been announced by Apple and the dates for the conference are from June 11, 2012 to June 15, 2012. The 2012 Edition of Apple WWDC has more than 100 sessions on iOS and OS X essentials, app services, developer tools, graphics, media and games.

Not only this, at WWDC you can meet the engineers behing iOS and Mac OS X and get help from them in order to get your app or unfinished code problems on track. You can directly talk to the Apple Software Engineers and get your problems addressed.

Apart from this you can also get a chance to meet many fantastic people and build awesome business connections through networking.

Buy Tickets for WWDC 2012 Online → Tickets cost $1599 (Approx Rs. 85,000) per person.

You can also watch the Opening Keynote of WWDC 2012 Online for free at one of the following websites:

1. Watch WWDC 2011 online

2. Watch WWDC 2011 live streaming on Twit Live TV

However, given the fact that Apple has strictly prohibited the press from this year onwards to provide live updates of the WWDC event, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to catch the action fully live. We will update you soon with more sources.

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