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Apple Sold 35.1M iPhones & 11.8M iPads In Q2 2012; $39.2 Bn In Revenue

Apple Computers just released their Q2 2012 earnings report and the numbers really look very impressive.

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The report is a very lengthy one and here are a few excerpts from the earnings report of the Q2 2012:

  • 35.1 Million iPhones were sold – 88% increase from the same quarter last year
  • 11.8 Million iPads were sold
  • 7.7 Million iPods were sold
  • Total revenue during Q2 that Apple posted – $39.19 billion
  • Net Profit for this quarter – $11.6 billion
  • Total revenue from iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, Apple-branded and third-party iPod accessories – $2.027 billion during Q2

Apple Computers have been one of the most innovative and cutting edge technology companies in the world right from Day 1. Even after the company’s founder Steve Jobs left for the heavenly abode, Apple Computers is still continuing the legacy of innovation and awesomeness.

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