Android Now Runs On A TV; Seen At CES

A company called RCA showcased a very special kind of Television (TV) at this year’s CES. The TV runs applications like flickr and other and lets you check your e-mail too. Well, coming to the special part of it – the TV runs on Android! However the TV is in a very early stage of development and during the showcase at CES, it was running only a few apps limited to Picasa and a simple weather widget.

RCA's Android TV
RCA's Android TV

The TV was being operated by a standard remote, in order to guide the mouse arrow around the screen and the Android keyboard. The guys from Engadget have put up a video from the demonstration. From watching the video, it was not very clear so as to which version of Android did the TV run as the guy who was doing the demonstration was confused, himself!

Click to watch the video on Viddler

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