webOS Coming To Every HP PCs In 2012

At the HP Think Beyond event last month, HP announced that they will bring webOS to their range of computers as well. webOS is an operating system for mobile devices initially developed by Palm. After HP acquired Palm, they have worked on webOS and released two phones and a tablet which runs webOS.

Speaking at Bangalore, India, HP CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed that next year, every computer sold by HP will have the ability to run webOS. However, HP is not ditching Windows and webOS will run in addition to Windows.

During the reign of former CEO Mark Hurd, HP was mainly focussed on hardware. The new CEO, Leo Apotheker, wants to change that by focusing on software as well.

What HP is trying to do here is that they are trying to make webOS a platform which developers cannot ignore. HP is alreaady one of the largest sellers of PCs and installing webOS on each and every PCs they ship, they can have a huge number of devices running webOS. And that would, of course, entice developers to develop for webOS.

What do you think? Do you think HP can succeed with webOS?

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