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Samsung Loses Top Spot To Xiaomi in China & Micromax in India

After a long time, Samsung has lost its coveted top mobile phones manufacturer position in two of the worlds fastest growing and largest mobile phone markets – India and China. Samsung had gained this spot few years back by toppling Nokia. This only proves that technology landscape can never be ruled by one single player ever.

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According to latest market share reports of mobile handsets in India and China – local mobile phone brands Micromax of India and Xiaomi of China have sent Samsung to the 2nd position in their respective countries.

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Micromax Overtakes Samsung in India

Here is how the handset vendor market in India looks for the month of April to June – 2014. Micromax now accounts for 16.6% of all the handsets that were shipped in India, followed by Samsung which accounted for 14.4% of the pie. [1]

This is indeed a good sign where after foreign brands ruling the Indian mobile ecosystem for nearly 2 decades, some indigenous player has taken the command over everyone else. Nokia also fared well owning 10.9% of the pie with a tough fight from Karbonn whose market share stood at 9.5%

Samsung Loses to Xiaomi in China

Things do not look good for Samsung in China as well as the homegrown Xiaomi toppled the korean company big-time by capturing a whopping 39% of the entire Chinese mobile device market share bringing down Samsung’s market share from a previous respectable 31% to a mere 12% of the market. [2]

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