Project Natal Is Expensive: Controller Costs US $200

We had earlier told you about Microsoft’s Project Natal – which is a Xbox control system (controller) where the onscreen activities are controlled by the gamer’s entire body in contrast to the traditional button based control.

Project Natal

Now, Kotaku reports that Swedish retail sites have listed the device for 1,499 SEK, which is just under a whopping US $200.  However the prices were earlier predicted to be US $ 80.

Project Natal Price USD 200

Although motion controllers are the next big thing in console gaming, but this expensive a controller would surely act as a trade-off between the Project Natal (supposedly priced at USD 200) and the regular XBOX 360 controller which costs just US $ 50. This converts to an approximate amount of Rs. 9000 in Indian currency which is damn expensive. Let’s hope that Microsoft reasonably prices the Project Natal controller 🙂

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