iPhone 4G Pitched With iPhone 3GS – What’s New?

You must already be aware of the Apple’s lost iPhone 4G saga by now. After taking a close look at the iPhone 4G, it was seen to be a bit different from the iPhone 3GS in various ways. It was squarish and had a camera in front. First it was thought as a Chinese Spoof. Apple Services were called and reported that a prototype may have been lost but again the response was not encouraging and a ticket number was provided. Finally the person sold the phone to Gizmodo in $5000 which dissembled it and shared all the information on the internet.

iPhone 4G vs iPhone 3GS

Gizmodo was still cautious of the originality of the I-Phone but after series of inspection it was concluded that it was a prototype of the much awaited next sensation of Apple.

iPhone 4G vs iPhone 3GS

New Features of the I-Phone 4G

  • Front facing video camera
  • Quality of the camera on back side increased with a flash.
  • Uses Micro-Sim.(the one used in I-Pad)
  • Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic.

So, What has changed?

  • The back is entirely flat.
  • Less in weight.
  • Battery life increased
  • Internal Components are shrunken.
  • Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS (but seemingly higher resolution)
  • An Aluminum Border completely around outside.

Everyone’s now waiting for the “APPLE KEYNOTE 2010” when Steve Jobs was to unveil the latest products of Apple.

Images via Gizmodo & Scoops via Ubergizmo, Dailymail UK

This article has been written by Rishabh Jain – A Mechanical Engineer from a leading Engineering Institution in India. Rishabh is a Gadget Freak and loves reviewing new stuff in the mobile arena. You can read his blog at jainrishabh.wordpress.com.

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