Nokia Working on NFC Enabled

Nokia Working On “Hello NFC” To Eliminate Multi-Lingual Workplace Hassles

Well, it has been quite some time since Nokia has come up with an innovative idea for mobiles. Seems like the R & D unit is seriously working on it; the mobile making giant announced the availability of ‘Nokia Hello’.

Nokia Working on NFC Enabled "Hello"
Nokia Working on NFC Enabled "Hello"

Using NFC (Near Filed Communication) chips, users can just touch phones in order to exchange any short communication like wishing good morning or such easy words. This will be most useful in today’s world where there is no room for some personal talk at all.

Upcoming devices like Nokia C7 will feature these chips and the need for speech interactions between colleagues might be completely out by 2015, as per research team estimations. Personally, this is clearly a case which adds to woes of increasing communication gap between people; mis-use of technology I feel.

However, the positives though dominate this feature; for people working in multi-lingual environments can feel this more and noise pollution will drastically come down with such apps being developed. Nokia is still ‘Connecting people’ according to a company source but, connecting people electronically this time.

Feel excited and would like to try it? Don’t worry; it will be available for free of cost in the Nokia store once the testing is complete. Time to connect and greet without actually talking!

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