Nokia Normandy-Android Asha phone pictures

Nokia Normandy – Nokia’s First Low-Cost Android Phone; Launching in 2014?

Well after so much Nokia had to go through, you might think why are they launching an Android phone now when the company is about to go through its Microsoft acquisition procedures. But apparently this is true, Nokia has been working on a Android based low-cost mobile phone for their Asha series smartphones.

Nokia Normandy-Android Asha phone pictures
Nokia Normandy-Android Asha phone pictures

Currently being called the Nokia Normandy, we are not even sure it will ever launch soon, given the Microsoft acquisition angle and the fact that Microsoft powers all its phones with Windows Phone 8. However various sources are saying that this Android powered Nokia Normandy smartphone will launch by mid 2014. This sets very well with our earlier revelation of a Android powered Nokia phone concept called the Nokia Nexus.

Nokia Nexus Spark Concept - 41 MP Camera
Nokia Nexus Spark Concept – 41 MP Camera

Coming to the Nokia-Android connection, the Android on this Nokia phone will not be the regular Google Android but instead it will be a fork of the Open-Source android OS and completely different from the ones that you see in the Android smartphones today. You can think of the Nokia Android OS just as the way Amazon has customised Android for their own use in the Amazon Kindle HD tablets.

Nokia’s plans with this Normandy device is to achieve some some app success for itself and third party developers which it has not been able to do till now with its Asha series of phones although it has been a hit among consumers.


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