Nokia Clearblack Display

Nokia Clearblack Display De-mystified

Facing trouble with blurred view or no view at all of you display screen in light? Though a touch screen device, having woes with your display clarity? Here is an answer to your worries! Well, some of them have already used it but is still a great option; it is the Nokia ClearBlack display.

Nokia Clearblack Display
Nokia Clearblack Display

If you are wondering what was into the making of this exciting feature, go on reading. Generally, brighter displays can be enabled to overcome such problems; but more and more increase will lead to usage of greater amount of power. So, we prefer using a dimmer display so that the battery lasts for a bit longer which is very similar to power saver mode in notebooks.

There was even another strategy which focussed on reducing reflectiveness of the screen. Anti-reflective coatings used did not go far enough into the market.

The Nokia ClearBlack display, to eliminate any such reflections uses a sequence of polarising layers. In simple terms, it is quite different from existing strategies where the final light is un-polarised and can be viewed. Don’t worry to Google if you do not know what polariser means; Nokia is which you can trust and has shown it many times.

Display problems in light? I suggest Nokia models! Well, as a matter of fact the White Lumia 900 sports a clearblack display!


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