LG MP76 24-inch Monitor pictures

LG Launches MP76 IPS monitor: 24-inch Full HD; Hangs In Air!

LG has launched an all new monitor – the MP76 which has n IPS display and offers Full HD resolution. The diagonal size of this monitor is 24-inches and sports LG’s super thin Cinema Screen design which makes the monitor look slim and out of this world. We had told you earlier about LG’s Glasses Free 3D monitors.

LG MP76 IPS monitor Floats in the Air

There is also a crystal float stand that makes the monitor look like it is floating in the air when there is mild or less light in the room – a nice Interior Design gimmick that you might not want to miss. However you could also mount it on the wall if you like. Apart from this it has something called a Flicker-Safe technology that gives your eyes a more soothing viewing experience overall.

LG MP76 24-inch Monitor pictures
LG MP76 24-inch Monitor pictures

The monitor has a very thin bezel which means no more annoying black borders on your monitor. Another cool thing which LG has done is it included a Reader mode in the Monitor which means when you are viewing images on the monitor, it makes the background look like paper – thus reducing strain from your eyes.

We will update you as soon as we get to know about a price of the LG MP76 Monitor. You might want to take a look at the LG monitor page on Amazon.

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