iPad Web Traffic share - CHitika

iPad Accounts For 85% Of Total Web Traffic From Tablets – Chitika Report

Apple’s iPad was one device that started the great tablets race and fuelled all the innovation that is currently taking place in the tablet space. The iPad has been giving tough time to companies like Amazon, Samsung and others who have also launched their respective tablets to cash in on this opportunity by meeting demands of new tablet consumers.

iPad Web Traffic share - CHitika
iPad Web Traffic share – CHitika

According to a latest report released by online advertising provider Chitika iPad (all the different versions combined) contributes to a whopping 84.3% of the total web traffic that originates from tablet devices. Samsung’s Galaxy Series of tablets account for a mere 4.2% and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is responsible for around 5.7% of the traffic. The rest comes from other devices like Google Nexus, Playbook and many other.

Well, given the fact that more and more users are now turning to tablets for their computing needs – this dominance of Apple is likely to change. Price is also a major factor. Companies like Samsung and Google are offering tablets at a very cheap price and we feel this might be one deciding factor for users to choose which tablet to buy.

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