Leaked Artworks Points To A Screen Resolution Of 2048×1536 For iPad 2

News/rumors of the iPad2 just keeps coming. However this one is interesting – the iPad 2 is expected to have a screen resolution of 2048×1536. That is a jump of twice the screen resolution of the iPad and such rexolutions are rare even in 15-inch laptops.

MacRumors reports that evidence for the new screen resoltion was found in iBook 1.1. The app generally contains three graphics for the bookmark icons – iPhone, iPhone Retina Display (called as iPhonex2) and iPad. However in version 1.1 of the app, there is an additional one called iPadx2. Just as the iPhonex2 is twice the resolution of iPhone, the iPadx2 was also twice the resolution of the iPad version. The iPad has a screen resolution of 1048×768. So, this points to a screen resolution of twice that of the iPad i.e. 2048×1536.

The extra artwork has however been removed by Apple now.

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