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Intel Says Multi-Core Chips Should Not Be Used On Android Phones; Single Cores Are The Best

Intel has sent out some comments regarding their latest quad core chips and other upcoming chips. Intel feels that these quad-core chips are not optimised enough to run on Android powered mobile phones. Instead, device manufacturers should be using single core chips as processors for their Android based phones.

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Well, this is now definitely an unexpected statement from Intel and it kills the whole meaning of power-mobile computing. In an era when all the consumers want to use Dual-Core, Quad-Core and multi-core powered mobile phones, Intel is simply shutting the mobile computing door on Android phone users.

According to the GM of Intel’s mobile and communications group, Mike Bell, if users are in a non-power constrained case, then multiple cores make a lot of sense because users can run the cores full out. A lot of stuff which Intel is currently dealing with, thread scheduling and thread affinity, isn’t there yet and on top of that, largely when the operating system goes to do a single task, a lot of other stuff stops.

So as Intel move to multiple cores, they’re actually putting a lot of investment into software to fix the scheduler and fix the threading so if we do multi-core products it actually takes advantage of it.

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